Ok blogging buddies, I desperately need your help. I just recently signed up for bloglovin’, thinking it would be a great way to drive more traffic to my blog, and I had seen other book blogs with the badge, so I figured why not? I completely forgot about the fact that technology confounds/confuses me, and I’m terrible at this kind of stuff. So, I’ve created an account on bloglovin, and I’ve even started following a few blogs, but I still don’t get it.


What is bloglovin? How do I add the ‘follow me on bloglovin’ widget to my blog? How do I even claim my blog on bloglovin? It’s obvious that I have no clue what I’m doing, based on the weird post that I made yesterday (which I’ve since deleted) that I created by following the simple step by step instructions on the bloglovin’ site. Instead, I just came up with an ugly post that made no sense, and probably irritated my followers more than anything. Sigh-sorry about that guys. Any and all help in the comments section would be appreciated!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin