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I typically post between two and three book reviews a week. Please refer to my review policy if you’d like to submit a book for consideration. I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter to get a summary of my reviews once  a month.

Book Review: Dance, Gladys, Dance

Cassie Stocks is the author of Dance, Gladys, Dance and the most recent recipient of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Award for Canadian Humor Writing (not many women have won this award, so it's a big deal). For this reason, I picked up the book, which I should also...

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Book Review: Children of the Jacaranda Tree

This book piqued my interest for a number of reasons, one of them being the controversy over at Canada Reads a few years ago which touched upon the same subject-the revolution and  human rights violations in Tehran. In that particular Canada Reads year, author Marina...

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Book Review: Ballistics by D.W. Wilson

Oh boy. This is a great read, and I'm so happy I picked up this book (against my initial instincts that I wasn't the right audience for it). When Wilson's publicist spoke to me about this author he deemed it a 'guy's read', and that regrettably,  turned me off of it....

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Book Review: How to Host a Dinner Party by Corey Mintz

You should get your hands on a copy of How to Host a Dinner Party by Corey Mintz. It's a quick read, with easy to understand tips on entertaining and a few recipes thrown in for good measure. I had never heard of Corey Mintz before I heard about this book, but now...

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Welcome to I’

This blog has been a couple years in the making. I've just recently left my job in the publishing industry, with many mixed feelings, which I've realized is due to the fact that I love books, and I love working with books, but it was time to move on to something new....

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