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  1. Hi Anne. Unfortunately, I can’t make Wednesday night’s Wordfest Book Club of “We All Love the Beautiful Girls”, but I had a few questions and comments about it. I wasn’t sure whether write-in discussion was permitted, but I thought I’d put them out there:

    Did the similarity between the kids’ names confuse anyone else, e.g., Eric/Eli, Finn/Frankie? I found myself having to refer back several times at the beginning of the novel particularly.

    The author did a great job of identifying each character simply by their inner thoughts; but there was so much stream of consciousness-type ‘conversation’ throughout the novel that I felt the intermittent use of actual dialogue interrupted the flow at times.

    It bothered me that Jess seemed to just fall back into her relationship with Finn after he lost his arm and that they never really dealt with the fact that the limb was actually missing.

    I didn’t really see the point of breaking the chapters into months or the seemingly random use of dates within each chapter. Also, why was there no April, May, or October?

    Why did the author choose to end the book with Frankie’s thoughts? The last chapter did not seem to have the same tone as the rest of the book—it was a little dreamy and abstract, and I found I read it over several times with the same frustrating result.

    Thanks, Anne. Looking forward to the next event. I’ve been reading all of the books even if I can’t attend and have enjoyed them all.


    1. Hello, and thank you so much for this kind nomination! I don’t typically do these anymore, as I simply don’t have the time (too many books to read, as you well know!). But thank you for the link to your blog, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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