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Review Policy

If you’d like to send me a book to review on my blog, please send me a note through my contact page. I do not review self-published books, e-books, or electronic manuscripts.

I do not wish to fill my bookshelves with books that will never get read, I only read books once. That’s right, I never re-read a single book, there are simply too many good books in this world to waste reading one book a second time. I receive many books for review, and cannot guarantee that I will review every one that is sent to me. I will however, guarantee that if I do not personally review or read the book you send, I will pass it onto someone who will. If all else fails, I will donate your book to my local drop-in centre, where good books are desperately needed.

3 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Too bad you don’t review self-published books. I’m hoping to be an independent writer when I grow up. (I’m 59. Still young and impressionable.)

    It’s really nice of you to offer to review books for traditional authors. You must be a gifted reader. For me, reading fiction is almost always work. When I come across a story that doesn’t feel like work, it’s an amazing experience. These are the novels I may read more than once.

    All the best,


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