Are you Addicted to Books? (Pictures)

A wonderful friend of mine posted this article/list of pictures a la buzzfeed on my facebook wall a few days ago, and reading it made me realize that I’m not addicted to books (technically), but I love them alot*, more than most people. Another sign I love books? I have a bunch of bookmarks with the saying: “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends”, which is not only sad to admit publicly, but even worse becauseĀ  I haven’t even hit menopause yet and already I’m easily annoyed by people. What does that say about my social future?

This is essentially my life's motto, and I've literally said these exact words to people before
This is essentially my life’s motto, and I’ve literally said these exact words to people before

*I felt the need to make this distinction, because if you fall into the black hole of ‘internet comments’ at the end of the above article, you will see that one unfortunate soul literally is addicted to books, and has suffered quite a bit in her life because of it-yikes! Moral of the story-don’t read too many books, and oh yeah don’t read internet comments either because they’re a huge time waster