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  1. This book especially interested me because of my mixed race adopted siblings. Growing up I just thought our lives were all the same, but once we were grown, my sister told me otherwise and I’ve been trying to learn about it ever since. I was especially interested in her relationship with her parents… I’m not sure if I totally understand, but they sounded very hands-off. Almost hippie-ish? But, then again, a lot of parents were more like that back then than they are now. I feel like I’m making excuses for them. Should they have known better when very few people would have? Maybe they were so hands-off she didn’t feel like she could talk to them about stuff? In any case, it’s such a good example of the impact of childhood experiences on a person’s entire life!

  2. Oh yes Naomi, I remember you talking about this when you reviewed Lawrence Hill’s book. I suspect her siblings would feel much like you did – because all in all, she did seem to fare much better than others, but of course, hindsight is 20.20

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