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  1. To be honest, what I was thinking was that kids seem to spend all their time being giving messages and lessons these days, and I wondered if they are ever just allowed to read something that’s fun? It’s not just this book that makes me ask that – every kids’ book anyone reviews seems to be telling kids that the world is a horrible place and they should feel guilty for their “privilege”…

  2. I see what you mean FF, and I actually agree in some cases. I don’t think I read widely enough in that age range to come to a decision on that though, but maybe I’ll find out in a few years as both my kids age into it…

  3. I’m glad to hear a little more about this one as I’ve seen it around but don’t have anyone in my life who is quite at this stage of reading.

  4. It will definitely be a few years until my kids are ready for it, but I’m excited to be reading this age range, it’s all so new for me!

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