The shortlist for the Alberta Book Awards was just announced, which means a couple of exciting things are happening:

  1. The nominated writers will begin to trash talk* each other on social media
  2. I can announce that fact that yours truly will be hosting the awards. Yes, me.giphy
  3. People will begin reading these specific books in droves; prepare yourselves booksellers!
  4. From now until June 4, the Writers Guild of Alberta will be top of mind for everyone in the Alberta publishing industry, getting its well-deserved attention. I will smugly appreciate this attention, and try to capitalize on it as the chair of our fund development committee.

*by trash talk, I mean congratulate in a supportive manner

Did I mention that I’m hosting the awards???? Can you tell I’m excited by the amount of question marks I just included there? The winners will be announced on June 4 at MacDonald Hall, SAIT Campus, in Calgary. You can buy your tickets here. Oh, and congratulations to all the nominees…let’s party!