I’m a real fan of chocolate. I don’t think I could choose between books and chocolate, because they are my two greatest loves in life (aside from my family, etc). So, you can imagine my utter delight when I was gifted these locally-made chocolate bars in exchange for an honest review. At last! My true dreams have been realized; free books are one thing, but free chocolate is an entirely different level of blogger success, I feel as though my life is now complete (aside from my family, etc.)

If you need me, I’ll be in CHOCOLATE HEAVEN!

Sweet Bella is a new, Calgary-based chocolate and confection business that makes chocolate bars flavoured with tea leaves, so of course I knew this product would appeal to most book-lovers like myself as we all seem to enjoy a bit of chocolate and tea with our reading.

Just a few of the flavours Sweet Bella has to offer-but they’ve got more!

I’ve sampled each chocolate bar (and more) in the picture below, but my favourite was by far the Earl Grey milk chocolate. The chocolate itself was creamy and smooth with just a hint of Earl Grey flavouring. It didn’t overpower the chocolate flavour, it complemented it! I’ve included a snapshot of the ingredient list so you can see the few things they’ve included here; it’s practically a health food! At least that’s what I tell myself…

Their partnership with The Naked Leaf is a smart one, because many Calgarians already know and adore that locally-owned tea shop. They sell ACTUAL TEA, with none of those weird candy-like additives that seem to be popping up in other brands. So, the tea flavour in this chocolate is pure, you need not worry what else is getting into your beloved sweets.

I’m struggling to sound unbiased in this review, but I haven’t come across a lot of chocolate I DIDN’T like…my only problem with what I was given was the fact that one of the bars was mislabelled. Is that really a problem with the chocolate? Not really, maybe just an administrative issue that needs to be ironed out? Either way, the chocolate inside the label was delicious, even if it wasn’t what was advertised. I’d like to note here, that if there are any other mislabelled chocolate bars floating around out there, I’d be happy to take them off your hands. Hit up the Sweet Bella website for information on where to buy their chocolate!

So there you go, my first chocolate review, hopefully the first of many. Chocolatiers, send me your products! Spread the word fellow bloggers, my professional chocolate tasting days have just begun…


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