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  1. Well there are so many differences between our lifestyles, but interesting that he pointed to the way our food is produced (or over-produced). Like, is Italy’s bread so much different than ours? I guess it depends what you buy at the grocery store.

  2. I guess what I’m wondering is, does he HAVE to actually say that? Don’t we know that eating something that has an ingredient list with a bunch of stuff that we know isn’t actually food isn’t going to end happily? That ingredients with ten syllables we cannot pronounce aren’t intended to be consumed? That there’s a world of difference between those packaged donuts in the farthest supermarket aisle and the ones you bake at home? Because of course I bake donuts everyday at home, don’t you? :D

  3. yes I think grocery store brands have some added sugar. I’m a big fan of sourdough myself :)

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