This blog has been a couple years in the making. I’ve just recently left my job in the publishing industry, with many mixed feelings, which I’ve realized is due to the fact that I love books, and I love working with books, but it was time to move on to something new. So with this in mind I felt a book blog was the best way to keep working with the people and things I love, on my own time with my own intentions and my own voice. And although this sounds silly and slightly narcissistic, I feel that my compunction to devour books can be a useful thing for others because I can save people from reading terrible books that don’t deserve their time and effort.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find some good book recommendations. I read a wide range of books, due to many different factors (my work in the publishing industry has introduced me to A LOT of good and varied writers, I have a wide range of personal tastes, I read fiction to not only entertain but educate me, etc) so I’m hoping people will use this blog as not just a time waster while at work, but a resource for finding their next good read. I should also warn you, I’m a great lover of cats, my own in particular, so I’ll apologize in advance for posting random pictures of felines every so often, such as the one below.25739_707644563271_916667_n

So-take some time to browse the site, and I promise to not abandon this project for weeks at a time. I aim to make this blog reliable and consistent, and my goal is to post a couple times a week; this is my promise to you, fellow readers and supporters of ivereadthis.


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