So it looks like I’ve been nominated for The Entertainer Blogger Award. There are a bunch of these blogger awards going around, but this is one that’s not as common, and the questions are a bit weird. Who makes this stuff up? I have no idea, but it’s a fun way to learn a bit more about other bloggers, so I’m always excited to do these. Thanks to Poppy’s Best of Books for nominating me.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Add these rules to your post.
  3. Answer all the questions below.
  4. Display the award picture in your post.
  5. Nominate 12* other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!

And here is the random picture I need to include, as per the rules. Why a sailboat? I have no idea.


Q1. Why did you start a blog in the first place?

I had quit my job in the publishing business, and was moving onto something a little more ‘stable’ for my career. But, books are my passion, and I had really grown to love the people I was working with. So, I started a book blog to continue participating in this wonderful industry. The free books are a nice perk too.

Q2. What is your favourite book?

That’s a really difficult question, and one that I get asked all the time. I usually refuse to answer, mainly because I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. But, I did really really really enjoy To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. I will commit to keeping my copy of it too, so that’s how you know I REALLY liked a book.

Q3. What do you dislike the most?

Hmmm not sure if this question refers to books, or anything about life in general, so I will give two different answers. I hate books that are too long, it’s not only a waste of time for the writer and the people who published it, but it’s a big waste of time for the reader, first and foremost. What do I hate about life in general? People who text/talk on the phone while driving; it’s just so dangerous.

Q4. What is your favourite food item from the mall?


Q5. What is your favourite pastime?

Reading, obvi.


  1. Jo’s Book Blog
  2. Fiction Fan’s Book Reviews
  3. The Misstery
  4. Play Baby Play!
  5. The Paperback Princess
  6. Grab the Lapels
  7. The Owl on the Bookshelf




*I only nominated 7 other bloggers, because 12 is just too many yo!

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