So, I’ve once again proven my ineptitude at blogging, but sadly, on my own wordpress site, not even on an obscure platform like bloglovin’. I recently switched to a new computer, thanks to my husband who was sick of my complaining about how slow our 10 year old mac was becoming. So, now I’m working on a new brand new laptop, complete with updated web browsers and operating system (when you work on a computer as old as I did, updating existing programs is no longer possible, so things looked at lot different than they should have). Anyway, because of this, I’m discovering new (to me) aspects of websites, and one of thes, is this handy little icon at the top of my wordpress site, that allows me to view previous activity. Apparently, I was not signed up to receive email notifications when people responded to my comments on their own site, therefore I have never once responded to people’s replies to my own comments. As I discovered last night, people have been writing back to my comments quite a bit, which I then, completely ignored. No, I’m not an asshole, I’m just confused when it comes to simple things like wordpress sites. Or, as my husband puts it “Welcome to the internet, I’m so happy you’ve discovered all it has to offer”.


So, many of my blog followers would have received a flood of replies to their comments last night, as I most recently discovered this fairly obvious notification tool. My bad! Please know that I will henceforth be checking this daily, so I will no longer miss any of your replies. Hopefully, in my fourth year of blogging, I will become more efficient. Any wordpress tips and tricks are welcome!


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