What is a hashtag? When is the best time to post something? What does it mean when there is an @ symbol? Is my username stupid/and or cumbersome? All these questions can only mean one thing, I am now diving into the time-wasting pool that is twitter.

I know, I’m only 7-ish years late to the game, but I was PISSED when I found that someone else had @ivereadthis. I mean, what are they doing with that? Clearly, it is my website nameΒ and I deserve it. The people who have it aren’t doing anything with it. They have only 25 followers, and I have 34, and they’ve tweeted all of once since May. Give it back!!!

Whew, ok sorry I lost my cool there, I’ve been spending way too much time in front of my phone and computer today, all because of twitter. It’s so addicting, and yet I’m terrible at it. Someone asked me today why I was on it, and I didn’t really have an answer for them, other than the fact that I thought it would drive more traffic to my blog. Is that sad? And don’t even get me started on instagram and snap chat, I know where to draw the line.

So obviously any advice you have on twitter for this book blogger would be greatly appreciated, and I’ll insert my plea for a pity follow here: please follow me, my handle is: @ivereadthisblog

Update! I just changed my twitter handle due to some very helpful comments from below (yay blogsophere!), the updated one is above so just click on it to follow πŸ™‚

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