It’s getting to be that time of year folks! December starts tomorrow, and I’ve got my advent calendars (yes, that’s plural) locked and loaded. To mark this special time of year, I’m going to be posting a video each day on my youtube channel until Dec. 25. They’ll be short and sweet, recording my unveiling of the chocolate of the day (care of the Purdy’s chocolate advent calendar I treated myself to) and my thoughts on the short story I read from Hingston and Olsen’s Short Story Advent Calendar. The best part is that I finally invested in a good camera and microphone, so you can ACTUALLY HEAR WHAT I’M SAYING DURING MY BOOKTUBES. I’m sure Pearl and Smokey will make a few appearances as well, and I’ll do my best to make the backgrounds as festive as possible.

Here’s my fancy new camera set-up; Smokey approves.

There’s lots going on around the short story advent calendar, many bloggers are joining in on the fun, and if you follow along on the website you can see special author interviews corresponding with each day their story is released. I’ll be tweeting out my thoughts and videos too, so follow me on twitter or on my facebook page to get access to my ramblings each day. See y’all tomorrow.

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