The title of this latest post won’t surprise anyone. In fact, the only surprising thing about this whole experience was that it took me so dang long to go to this cafe, even though it’s only a ten minute drive from my house (the joys of urban living!). The Regal Cat Cafe here in Calgary is a jolly good time for any cat-lover, or even those who are mildly interested in cats but appreciate a nice baked treat with a coffee to go with it. Luckily, I enjoy both, so this was the perfect spot for me and a few friends on a Saturday night.

The cafe is run by people who clearly care about cats-the felines all come from a local shelter called The Meow Foundation, which does some great work in this city. They are adopted out regularly, and each cat gets cycled in and out of the cafe so they don’t spend more than a few weeks at a time there, they all get a turn! And they only allow a few people into the cat-specific space at a time so the kitties aren’t overwhelmed with people. I recommend making a reservation so you have a guaranteed spot-the slot is one hour long, which went by way too quickly! And you can bring your drink in with you, but sharing with the cats is of course frowned upon.

This place is literally a crazy cat lady paradise. I could see myself dropping by on a slow weekday afternoon just to get some reading done with new cats to keep me company-there are lots of ‘cozy’ little spots one can curl up in here. I also picked up some catteriffic merchandise, including a cat mug and some delicious macarons. Even the artwork was beautiful, all cat-themed of course.

This majestic beast was one of my favourites

The cool design of the cat room gave me lots of ideas of things I could do at home for Pearl and Smokey (ladders to other levels, cat-shaped beds, etc.), but realistically I will probably never follow through with any of them-too busy reading! But the decor itself is another really fun part of visiting this place, and the best part is you can’t even smell the litter boxes.


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