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  1. It has been almost 1 month, and I am struggling with the loss of my ‘Smokey’.- Finding your post caused me to smile and cry- My Smokes could have been yours! We had no children, but life got in the way and I did not spend as much time with her as I should have. She hated to cuddle, hated her coat brushed, but loved me to ‘talk’ to her. These past 5 years I got wrapped up in my own mess–losing my job, lousy new marriage, and while I felt sorry for myself, I should have pulled her in closer. I knew she felt the tension in our new home with my new husband, but I felt more sorry for myself—I should have re-assured her that she would be ok no matter what, and I did not. I know that I rescued her from a shelter at 8 weeks, and had her for 22 years—18 with my late husband who adored her— and I screwed up MY life by remarrying a loser, which in turn caused stress to my poor Smokey. I will cherish every moment I had with her, and regret every second that I wasted by not showing it to her. Every day I struggle with how I let this poor cat down…..

  2. Oh I’m sorry, I feel for you! But don’t feel guilty, many people’s comments pointed to the fact that I probably did more for Smokey than I realized, and I’m sure that’s the case for your Smokey too. Virtual hug!

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