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  1. Hmm yah I totally get it. I didn’t watch every single epsidoe, but I did really enjoy the ones I watched. I think it’s because I was a bit younger, so I liked the idea of it depicting ‘grown up women’, and I (stupidly) imagined that it was a realistic look at being an independent adult. Now, it’s just a fluffy thing to look back on and enjoy for what it was.

  2. I really do think it’s making a different, the metoo stuff. Chick-lit in general is getting better, more thought-provoking too. It isn’t all about being a shopaholic now, thank god.

  3. YES! There we go! I think you captured my feelings. The only difference is I don’t think of it as “fluffy” but more like a sad representation of what I thought a woman should strive to be.

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