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  1. It’s interesting that you’re blog suggests Nick Cutter as a similar book to read, because I know he writes horror!

    I’m glad I checked your website again to see if you had published anything new. I had to subscribe to your new website, and I did see that I initially missed this post. If you are able, send out an email to your followers or something like that to let them know to resubscribe to your new website.

  2. Oh did Nick Cutter’s book come as a suggestion below this one? He does write horror, so that seems like a dark turn the algorithm has turned to LOL

    Ok thank you for the update re: spam, that’s good to know! I’ll mention that in my next post, and in an email or something. You’re my first regular follower to find me again! haha

  3. This week I’m not having the problem I had last week, and I was able to see your post last week as you know (but via Feedly not email), but as with The Husbands, I don’t want to read TOO closely cuz I’ll probably read this before long. One phrase that jumped out as I tried not to read, was this: “Although it may seem like this book is trying to push a certain message….” That’s a tough one to get past, but if all your readers are in agreement with your political stance it doesn’t matter.

  4. Yes good point, and likely any one who picks up a Catherine Hernandez book may already have an inkling of her viewpoints, so I doubt it will come as a huge shock to anyone. that being said, I’m also hoping that others will ‘discover’ her for the first time through this book, because it may appeal to thriller readers, etc.

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