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  1. I never feel like the reasons for being “bad” or having a skeleton in the closet are all that shocking, which is one of my “meh” feelings about thrillers. No one has a dead body in their closet for real (well, my horror novels do!) or were abusing children or something truly shocking. It’s always they had an abortion or they slept with someone else. I want thrillers to really push the bar. I think that is why Silence of the Lambs did so, so well when it was published. It is a thriller/police procedural that goes slightly into horror territory.

    As for your comment about not nitpicking, I laughed out loud. The one that I always say that bothers me is, “Doesn’t anyone in this book have to get to work today??” Characters always go on these wild adventures that take them far from home, with no mention of that meeting on Monday, lol.

    Have you read Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough yet? That one will knock your socks off.

  2. haha that’s so true about characters not going into work! LOL I have not yet read Behind Her Eyes, did you review that one? I can’t remember now…

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