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  1. These all look great, although I know that, as a kid, I wouldn’t’ve been so taken with the muted colour palettes, I was all about colour, colour, colour. And how I could have used a story like Poesy’s when I was a girl. One of the things that I know my parents’ generation wasn’t thinking about, was how to help kids understand that fear is a natural thing to feel (and a very useful warning system, because you really never know what’s behind that closet door, do you? LOL) So I could have used a Poesy to look up to!

  2. My youngest isn’t so great at it (he’s two) but his older sister doesn’t mind as long as it’s a paw patrol mask, etc. We’ll muddle through, I look forward to those mini chocolate bars too much to give up easily haha

  3. I’m reading so many books with my kids now that I wish I had when I was younger. Mind you, I’m exposed to much more b/c I’m a book reviewer so we’re lucky that way. When I was a kid, it was mostly library trips for us :)

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