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  1. What sounds interesting about this book is that the woman is actually moved to a different country. If she were to go missing, what’s going to happen in the Uk? Are they going to do anything? Could the rest of her family back in the UK do anything, aside from Claudine, who has to fly to Nigeria and follow their rules? It sounds interesting. It also reminds me of some of what I read in Purple Hibiscus. That book is all set in Nigeria but it does have the clash between the wealthy and the poor. You get a real sense of how the other half lives.

  2. Yes, and this book definitely is. Nigeria is its own character for sure

  3. Hmm it’s not really something I thought about while I read the book, but I got the sense that if she had gone missing in the U.K. it would have been much easier to find her, just based on the cultural rules of Nigeria that Claudine is expected to follow.

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