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  1. So…what you’re saying is that you have no time for witch collections unless the entire coven comes with a content warning and lotsa lotsa s*x. Gotcha. (I did read this one, way back when, but I’m afraid I don’t remember anything about it. Probably would have, had it contained what you were really looking for. hee hee /cackle)

    I’ve enjoyed your seasonal posts; they make me wish I’d planned more spooky reading and posts to take part in the mood you’ve set!

  2. Well it’s not that I need that sex stuff, but it did seem like it was kinda missing LOL

    Yes the seasonal posts are fun, although by the end of October I get a bit sick of them to be honest. I’m reading lots of literary fiction and thrillers in November to cleanse my palette :)

  3. We want the sex stuff! Okay, if it’s part of history, it seems like a glaring omission if it’s not included. I was at a used bookstore on Sunday, and I was surprised to see a nonfiction book with a title that said something to the effect of the accusers in Salem being victims. The back of the book claimed many scholars have not considered ways in which the accused were villains and the accusers were victims. I wasn’t THAT interested, so I did not buy it, but the title definitely caught my attention.

  4. Hmmm that’s a new take? Accusers are victims? Perhaps in some cases where women were accusing other women to try to protect themselves, or figuring if they accused others it would prevent others from accusing them?

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