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  1. Her descriptions of how the dives changed her life are quite fascinating, but I don’t get claustrophobic so you may want to take a pass on this one haha

  2. Oh very cool that you read this one too! Yes she spoke about that submersible, I think she wrote a piece for Vanity Fair about it something. Pretty awful stuff

  3. This is definitely on my TBR. On a surprisingly related note, I watched the new film “Nyad” recently and in a group of children she gets the question about how she goes to the bathroom as a long-distance swimmer (e.g. days in the water and you can’t touch the boat or another person or be disqualified) and she answers it!

  4. Having IBS myself this is always a question I have because having access to a bathroom is always so critical for me, so I’m always curious LOL

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