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  1. Your review of Red Rising reminded me of an article in Wired Magazine that went out during the last Winter Olympics: “Forget Dystopian Fiction. Sochi Is Pure Dystopian Reality.” The Wired writer was trying to be political and provocative, I’m sure, but in doing so he also hinted that maybe Dystopian YA Fiction has run its course. And maybe your impression of Red Rising is another sign that the genre has overextended itself lately.

  2. Thank you! I’m glad someone has validated my comments, I was worried I may greatly offend with this observation, and I’m surprised it isn’t made more often!

  3. While Red Rising may exhibit some cliches, he prose is engaging and the plot is interesting. That is about all. What I find amazing is the sequel. There is a near full direction change as the book deals more with the politics of war and the moral discrepancies on the protagonist’s side. Though I enjoyed Red Rising, Golden Son far exceeded my expectations, and I encourage all to read it.

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