So I’m assuming you look at my lovely Ivereadthis logo and think ‘damn, I love that logo, where did she get it?’ Well I clearly didn’t design it myself, because I don’t have any art-related skills. But I’ll tell you who did: my dear friend Leah Schwantz, maker of Leahtees and marketing/designer extraordinaire. Why am I just telling you about her now? Because she outdid herself, and made me a special ivereadthis mug. Behold:


Are you jealous? You should be, because there are a million book blogs out there, but none (ok, maybe there are one or two) with their own custom mugs!!!! Cats, books, and tea; this is basically the theme for 85% of book blogs on wordpress so I know I’ve got some jealous readers out there now.

Leah and I have been friends since grade 1 (ok, grade 2, because we hated each other in grade 1), but we’ve stayed friends ever since, even though she beat me in every single subject in school. For example, in Grade 5 we had to do a research project on our favourite Australian animal. I picked a koala (obvi) and Leah picked a duck-billed platypus because that’s the kind of person she is. Anyway, I was so excited to learn I earned an A+, and what did Leah get? An A++, WHICH ISN’T EVEN A FREAKING GRADE but whatever it’s not like I’m still hung up about it or anything.

Needless to say Leah’s been a constant in my life forever, and I felt like she needed a shout out in this blog because she designed this awesome logo which gave me the confidence to start this whole book review online thingy. So check out her etsy page and buy some damn shirts. I have five of them and they are fabulous, in case you’re wondering.