Aside from the fact that I’m using the word ‘saucy’ way too much these days, I think you’re really going to like my latest radio segment. A few highlights you can listen for: I make a crude joke near the beginning of the interview and the host laughs despite himself, I try to defend the romance genre as best I can because Harlequin authors are legit successful, and I congratulate society for becoming more open-minded.

I reviewed The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn, and Next Year, For Sure by Zoey Leigh Peterson, which also happens to be my book club pick for this month. You might be sick of hearing about my book club by now, but TOO BAD because it’s going on for three months and I’m going to keep publicizing it until it’s sold out! But seriously though, if you live in Calgary you should buy your tickets and come, because what’s better than talking about books with other book lovers? The answer is nothing, nothing is better.


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