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  1. The only famous open marriage I can think of was one I saw in the movie Florence Foster Jenkins, based on the real woman. He loved the titular character so fiercely, and they were married forever, but she had also contracted syphilis from her first husband, who slept around. Thus, Florence and her current husband don’t have a sexual relationship, and it’s well-known that he has a mistress. It worked for them. It’s a really, really funny movie, but beautiful, too.

  2. I know this is an old post, but I found it when looking for poly reactions to this book. I quite enjoyed the book, mostly her deft handling of the minutia of marriage. Many of the feelings she expressed about marriage by various characters rang so true to me. I do happen to be in an open marriage. We’ve been eight years married and five years open and going strong. We are not public about it and we do live in a small town. But I think what most makes it work for us is being completely honest with each other and always putting our relationship and family first. Another great thing about this book was how she highlighted so many types of relationships, basically underscoring that no specific type is perfect. That’s how I feel about my relationship. It’s always a work in progress, and it’s distinctly ours.

  3. Oh wow, congratulations! I appreciate you commenting on the review, even if it is old :) I did like that about the book as well, it seemed a fair representation I think.

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