So onto my next video review. The book I review below is called Waking Lions by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, and I picked it up because of the premise-it’s timely and unique. It’s also a translation, which prompted me to read it because I love exploring books from cultures and languages other than my own, it’s like travelling without the food poisoning!

Smokey seems content to just hang out in my arms in this one which was a nice break from the usual for her. You’ll notice I make a funny face at the camera when trying to get my point across at the very end, and now that I’ve watched the video a few times I realize how annoying that can become (sorry ’bout that). I’ve been reading a few articles online about how to make better YuTube videos so I’ve attempted to add an ‘end screen’, but you’ll also notice my audio is still pretty crappy because I haven’t sprung for an external mic yet. All in due time…


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