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  1. Hehe! I enjoyed that, though I must admit I was mesmerised by how well Smokey was behaving! I’m wondering if he runs classes in cat behaviour – I’m thinking of signing my two up! Oh, and you were very good too… ;)

  2. Haha thanks! Although either smokey or pearl has been peeing outside the litter box lately so I think it’s time to send them back to cat behaviour classes!

  3. When you were petting Smokey under the chin, I was thinking how he made a paranoid face, like you were going to cut his kitty throat. I wouldn’t have noticed the face you made thanks to the face he made! LoL.

    Are your video reviews getting more attention than you typical blog reviews? I’m not big into BookTubing because I have to be somewhere I can listen to them (and I’m usually at work without headphones).

  4. So far my book reviews are getting not very much attention. But I’m going to invest in some better cameras and mics to improve the quality so we will see…

    And yes, smokey can be paranoid haha

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