So I recently did an interesting mash-up of a radio segment for the CBC Homestretch where I spoke about two books that are very different; one focuses on young love while the other focuses on old love. The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, Age 83 1/4 was my recommendation for Valentine’s Day, my full review of it will be published on this blog shortly, in the meantimeĀ listen to the full radio segment here. My second recommendation was This One Summer, which I’m of course featuring at my next book club event on February 26, click here to register for that!

For those who are confused by the driving references made in the recording; before we began talking on-air I commented on how bad the roads were, and how simply avoiding hitting parked cars was a challenge that day, which is why Rob makes reference to my driving skills (or lack thereof). You’ll be happy to know I avoided hitting any cars that day, but I did notice many unfortunate drivers in small sedans stuck in snow banks-alas, Canadian driving will always have its challenges.

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