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  1. So I am reading this book and I also quickly saw the very close similarities to the two Canadian killers whose names I don’t want to mention. Yes I live in Ontario and just hearing the names of that couple raises my hackles. I told my wife about the book once I made the connection and she was more upset than me. The atrocities committed by that couple still makes her angry…more specifically that the woman got off way too easily because of the deal she was able to make with the Crown Attorney (that’s what we can District Attorneys here…it’s a remnant of British feudalism I guess).

    Had I known about the connection, I don’t think I would have read the book on principle. I picked it up after reading the Party. I will finish the book because I want to know what will happen to Daisy.

  2. I can understand people’s emotions around this book, and for Canadians like us especially, it really hits home. I haven’t read the Party, but if it made you want to read this one I should probably make more of an effort to!

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