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  1. I’ve enjoyed parts of her work quite a bit and have recommended her many times. Maybe she’s not expecting people to necessarily buy/read all of her books, so she’s reconciled herself to repeating some key stories. (I thought about being all smart and bolding some key words in my comment, now that you’re all comfy with that! Heheh)

  2. Nice review and I couldn’t agree more with this line “is a gorgeous piece that looks more like a coffee table book than a self-help manual” haha anyways… I never intended to read Brene Brown’s books but did it on accident because I had read all the books I had at the moment so my friend brought me over some of hers. Among them were four of Brene’s books, and I am so happy that I ended up reading them and getting her other books as well. We often forget about the books we read, but her’s are certainly ones that will stick with me. Did you manage to read all of the other books? If not, I highly recommend you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for this post :)

  3. I’ve only read a few but I did enjoy them. I also like listening to her podcast episodes with Oprah :)

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