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  1. Compelling, engrossing, forthright: I’d heard all-out raves and full-on disgust about this book by the time I picked it up. Your point about how it’s worth imagining how we would judge these stories different if the three subjects were men not women is interesting – I think it would serve us all well to use a “what if” approach more often, not just in books. There are always interesting layers to experience that we likely aren’t catching when we glimpse the surface; I like that Taddeo wanted to dive deep and that she found three women willing to go the distance with her journalism. It would make a great book club pick, I agree, but I wonder if that’s also a nicer way of just saying that it’s divisive?

  2. haha good point! It’s divisive for sure, and our discussion went really well, but I was surprised at how many people didn’t like the book. But that’s what’s so great about book clubs! You can practice disagreeing with people in a safe environment ;)

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