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  1. It’s interesting that you think people dealing with this issue IRL might want to steer clear of the novel; I do see that possibility and I know that I’ve had that kind of response to some themes on occasion, too, but I also tend to look to stories and novels for “answers” and “solutions” and I want to see all the complications of something when I’m struggling to sort out something hard…this was even more true when I was younger, but I still look to stories for insight and comfort and all sorts of things.

  2. She *is* tough, actually, although I don’t think of her that way because she’s also bubbly and chatty and funny. But she’s had lots of tough situations she’s had to face and gets through them all gracefully. :)

  3. Yup that’s a good point. I suppose because it’s fiction, I wouldn’t recommend they read something like this first-read what the experts have to say in the non-fiction world, and then approach fiction like this with caution! haha

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