As you’ll see things are looking a little different around here; I’ve been working with a creative fairy godmother who’s done an exceptional job at making my website dreams a reality. I began I’ve Read This in 2013 as a way to stay connected to the publishing industry, and since then, it has grown into a small business that I hope to bring to the next level with this new site.

I will continue to publish book reviews two (sometimes three) times a week, but in addition to this, I’m going to build up a library of resources for book clubs. For those of you who like hearing from me multiple times a week and receiving a link to my book reviews as soon as they are published, you’ll continue to receive those emails as you used to, no action is required. For those of you who prefer to receive a summary of my reviews and other bookish happenings, I invite you to sign up for my new newsletter here. Every three weeks it will sail into your inbox containing links to all the reviews published in that time frame, as well as links to my CBC interviews, announcements for upcoming events, and updates on my online book club. Once you’ve signed up for this new newsletter, you can simply unsubscribe to the wordpress emails you previously received. If you’re having any problems with this switch over contact me directly and I can help you out. As an added bonus, when you sign up for my newsletter you’ll receive my ‘top 25 books of all time’ list to help pad that TBR list of yours.

Thank you for following along with me and continuing to support my passion of reading and spreading the good word, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without my readers! Let me know what you think of my new site, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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