Well the Giller Longlist has been announced, and it’s a good one! I may be a bit biased, simply because I’ve read and loved many of the books on the list, but it’s also pointed to a few I need to hurry up and read. You all know by now that I loved Patrick deWitt’s Under Major Domo Minor, and Michael Christie’s If I Fall, If I Die. And if you ever listened to my segments on CKUA, you would have heard me rave about Connie Gault’s A Beauty with Tony King. But now I have my next book to pick up and devour: Marina Endicott’s Close to Hugh, which just happens to be on my book shelf already.

Another reason I love this list? Simply because I know that as soon as it comes out, regardless of what books are on it, it’s going to inject some much needed money into the Canadian publishing industry. People are going to run to their local book store, or go online and purchase one, or all of these books. And that is a good thing for the whole publishing food chain. I’m also excited because I’ll be hosting the Calgary Giller Light Party, so we can find out the winner together on November 10th!

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