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  1. Ooof, I totally hate that the author is participating in the degradation of women so he can feel like he’s part of the boys’ club. Also, something I learned in recent years is that trans people prefer the phrase “assigned male/female at birth” rather than “born male/female.” This glossary is wonderful, and I’ve read it many times to keep myself up-to-date as much as possible:

  2. Ah yes, ok I need to remember that ‘assigned’ term, I’m speaking about it on the radio in a few hours LOL

  3. Even though I do think that publishing this kind of story is important, I also wonder who’s going to be reading it, whether it might not be more powerful to simply have the stories of trans-individuals incorporated into wider narratives. Like shelving the Canadian authors in Canadiana….lots of people are never going to read those books and may even steer away from that aisle. Having said that, I really like the sounds of the conflicting situations he’s inhabited, the way that his past experiences inform his present-day and make some of his present-day uncomfortable, too, but in different ways.

  4. Yes, I see what you mean. This a certain kind of book with a certain kind of audience. I’m heartened that major publishers are picking up these stories too though :)

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