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  1. It could be that she was pulling from diary entries and other mundane records in writing this book and, in an effort to remain true to the original “material”, it remains rather lacklustre? I feel like this must be a hard decision to make, from an editorial perspective, because of course if you were to polish it too much, it might sound insincere?

    On the other hand, I see a lot of cliched language in first (and sometimes second) books and I wish there had been editors on hand to make suggestions (so that we would know it’d be a deliberate stylistic decision, rather than simply a rush to publication).

    Congrats on working through your older ARCs. Do you have them all stacked/shelved together or have they infested every corner…and then some?

  2. I’ve got all my books on one shelf, and they’re sorted by when they arrive on my doorstep, so generally oldest to newest. Not very imaginative I know LOL

  3. Perhaps not very imaginative, no, but certainly effective. That’s how I arrange mine as well, because otherwise it’s all a bit of a blur as time marches on and one wants to be fair about it.

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