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  1. That’s an interesting situation to be in, as a reader; it’s a lot like the situations in which we find ourselves in real life. Meaning that we are observers of everyone else’s life and when there’s a particular issue that baffles a family/community, we don’t usually ever come to an awareness of what that person was feeling and thinking. One writer might decide to write their way into that perspective, to imagine a resolution, but another might try to make sense of the not-knowing, to explore how we respond to people when we can’t access their thoughts and feelings, when we are simply onlookers.

  2. That’s very true! We want to badly to know ‘what is that person thinking’ when they do something crazy around us, but we will never know, will we? Part of the zaniness of life I suppose…

  3. But isn’t that usually the point of reading? To get inside other people’s heads? I think I would find it frustrating, too, not to ever hear from Greta, but I’m also somehow intrigued and want to read the book! Lol

  4. Oh well perhaps publishers should be looking at my ‘not so positive reviews’ as still very positive then hahah

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