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  1. This is on my TBR: I’ve heard lots of praise and lots of frustration but even the readers who didn’t enjoy it said things about it that made me sure I will love it!

  2. Oh that’s such a good point Melanie! And totally agree, it’s difficult to talk about this stuff because lots of people get defensive about it. It’s also hard to really untangle ‘earning’ certain things

  3. Sadly she does not feel comfortable being herself, and to be honest, I don’t think she even knows what being herself would look like, she’s been trying to fit into a mold her entire life…

  4. Plus it’s so short, it’s not too much of a commitment if you don’t love it. I did really like it though

  5. You’re right, untangling “earning” is hard. For instance, if your parents own a home they bought for very little 50 years ago, and now that home is valued at 4x the original cost, did you “earn” that home when they left it to you in a will? They paid for it with their work, but given the shifting housing market, was their house really the product of effort or luck?

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