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  1. Hahaha, I like that she calls it core tasks, because I basically call the same thing triage. Which is the most pressing/scary/need to do now?

    Two tricks I learned that I passed on to my husband, who is a manager: 1) if you check your email as they come in, you’re wasting loads of time going in and out of that mindset. Have designed “check email” time and do them all at once. 2) Do not convince yourself something work related is self-care/relaxing. I learned this from interpreting. So, at home Nick will learn programming, and when I ask what he’s going to do with his knowledge, the answer is apply it at work. Okay, that’s work, not self-care.

  2. these are FANTASTIC tips Melanie! I’m bad for checking my email constantly, so I need to fix that.

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