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  1. That last reminds me of what happened after my aunt divorced her second husband. The dude moved into a tree and bathed in a river.

    Anyway, I’m with you. Books that focus on trees without being a straight-up science text are some of my favorites. I have a collection of essays/fiction that take real events about trees and fictionalize them a bit, along with some stories from the author’s life. It’s really elegant.

  2. Jeez that must have been one big tree. Was it a tree house he moved into, or like, the hollowed out trunk? LOL

  3. I loved this too, and was so happy to have finally read it. I also loved all the symbolism and wondered if I was the only one. Ha!
    I felt so sorry for poor H.

  4. I know, I know me too. Yes symbolism abound! We will see how it does in the competition…

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