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  1. you are so right Marcie, change is super slow! But even since I had kids, I’m hearing more and more people taking extended parental leaves, which is heartening

  2. Yes I know Laila, I wish my American neighbors got to experience this because it’s a wonderful gift for a family. I have high hopes it will become a reality for you guys one day!

  3. Oh you’re reading Dialed In now! So glad to hear that. And yes, a good reminder. hahah I only read those two books like one book apart so I should have remembered. In one ear and out the other apparently haha

  4. I think people like to criticize those they think “have it all” or “want it all” and I don’t think SS was really trying to do either of those things, just sharing her own philosophy and/or experience. SS’s son is working in Banff with my nephew this winter so she may be passing through Calgary at some point; I am trying to plan a trip myself but the fares are really high at the times I am able to go.

    Any good mysteries set in Alberta?

  5. Oh that’s interesting! Hopefully he likes Banff haha

    If you search Alberta books on my blog you will find a few mysteries set here. Just type in Alberta in the search bar.

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