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  1. Neither the title nor the cover pull me in, although these are definitely topics relevant to me (I wouldn’t wear those scrunchies either and can’t imagine who would?!). It’s overwhelming to think how much systemic change is required to truly make lasting changes in this regard; it doesn’t matter how much one’s male partner might be on-board for equality, when the two of you have to make a decision that leaves one of you available for FT child-care, it comes down to the bottom-line for many (not just a question of whether you’ll be able to take a vacation but whether you eat three meals/day). I’ve only seen the TED talk for Lean In, but I’ve been more interested in the books produced in response to it. I mean, if there’s a Lean Out, one has to wonder about the other side of the story, right? LOL

  2. Sometimes I have the sudden urge to Lean Out when something frustrating happens at work, or I feel once again ‘guilty’ about staying home with a sick kid, etc. It’s not easy being a working mom, that’s for dang sure.

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