So I’ve done something a bit different with this Booktube review. I typically record 60 second(ish) book reviews, which is quite challenging. But because I was on vacation when I read these books, I let loose a little and extended my vlog to 4 minutes! (apologies to reading in bed for using the ‘vlog’ term-give me an alternative!) Unfortunately I say ‘um’ way too often in this video, and I’ll apologize for that before you watch it because it’s SUPER annoying and cringe-worthy; this is what happens when I don’t practice beforehand! I promise I won’t let it happen again.

Within these painful few minutes, I review Jen Agg’s memoir I Hear She’s a Real Bitch, Jerry Seinfeld’s hilarious book from way back when titled Seinlanguage, and a quick mention of Kevin Kwan’s Rich People Problems (full review here). 

As you can tell from this video I highly enjoyed all three of these books, and can easily recommend them to most people, except for maybe Jen Agg’s book, just because I can see most men cringing at her rants, or awkwardly flipping past the pencil sketch of her vagina (yup, that’s in there!). The best thing about this video is probably the fact that you can hear the water gently lapping at the shore in the background, it serves as a nice distraction from my mindless ‘umming’ all the time. And yes, I still need to buy a nice camera to film these. Any suggestions?

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