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  1. I’m surprised by how much minority cultures coming into contact with white people is such a similar situation to the Deaf community and hearing people. Are we “saving the poor Deaf people”? Are we allies? Do we appreciate what the culture has to offer us, too? I really like reading your reviews that include cultures meeting like a hot and cold weather front. I feel like you’ve had a few of them lately?

  2. I enjoy all kinds of stories about teachers. That bit of dialogue sounds a little “on the nose” to me, but maybe it reads more naturally inside the story? Not that “on the nose” isn’t helpful sometimes, doesn’t raise interesting and important questions and concerns.

  3. I have had a few of these books lately, you are totally right. I like these books too because they always offer such different perspectives, it helps ‘expand’ my thinking ;)

  4. That’s probably the most direct line in the book, which works well when quoting it in a review, but doesn’t do the writing justice haha

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