This past week, I spoke about the genre of humour with the wonderful Chris dela Torre on the CBC Homestretch. I would have posted this segment sooner, but a sick toddler has derailed my blogging schedule (among other things) so I’m just getting to this now. But don’t let my tardiness deceive you, this was a really funny interview. And it’s not just funny because we’re talking about hilarious books, a few interesting things came up too. For instance, Chris and I both admit we won’t technically buy gossip magazines, but we will pick them up if we find them lying somewhere. I also remind aspiring writers to ‘keep their day job’ if they’re trying to make it big. A harsh piece of advice for someone who volunteers with the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, but believe me, I’m just being realistic.

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But back to the books; we chatted about Kate Coyne’s I’m Your Biggest Fan, and Terry Fallis’s Poles Apart. You can listen to the segment here.


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