I recorded my last ‘summer’ book segment for the CBC this past week, so I wanted to focus on a popular genre that lots of people get excited about: the police procedural.  Aside from mistakenly referring to the author+book title as the title of the first book (no, Michael Connelly doesn’t use his own name in his book titles) I think it went fairly well, even though I was a bit more nervous than usual. You can listen to it here.

Terri really loves crime novels, and she’s actually the head honcho at the Homestretch which is probably why I was nervous…

I really enjoyed both these books. Even though I can’t remember it, I’m pretty sure I’ve read one of Michael Connelly‘s before (how I could not have?), and his latest titled The Late Show featuring new detective Renee Ballard is engrossing.  Sarah Bailey‘s debut novel The Dark Lake is a cross between a psychological thriller and a police procedural because we can’t trust the protagonist Gemma Woodstock-there goes that unreliable narrator again! And even though this is an overwrought plot device I still enjoyed it because the characterization us believable while also being unique. Side note; Bailey’s novel isn’t available until October, so you gots to pre-order this bad boy if you want to be first in line. Connelly’s books are available everywhere (literally, I saw a copy of The Late Show at my local grocery store) so that won’t be a problem for you to get your hands on.


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