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  1. Ha, that comment about the woman who says she understands why some people shake the baby hit me on two levels. 1) I’ve seen new parents write on Reddit that sometimes, if you’re “going there” when you have a new baby, you need to put it down and close the door. The baby won’t die from crying a lot, but it may die if you tip over the edge and shake it. 2) There is a short story called “The Baby” by Paula Bomer that I think someone like you may enjoy. This woman plans the perfect pregnancy, and even though she doesn’t enjoy her husband, he’s a means to an end. She thinks she’ll have a nice, dignified birth to a girl who looks just like her, but she has an embarrassing time and has a boy. At one point, she envisions smashing his head on the brick chimney in her living room. Eventually, she gets it together, but I’ll always remember how I taught this short story at a women’s college, and they were MORTIFIED that anyone could even THINK about smashing a baby’s head when it hasn’t stopped crying for hours.

  2. Yes, absolutely, some people shake their baby because the crying gets too much, and although my kids were never hours on hours criers, I could totally see myself getting to that point. And even now when they are being super annoying, I sometimes just walk away b/c I know “m going to do or say something I regret if I stay in their presence. I wish some people were just more honest about this stuff so the rest of us didn’t feel like monsters, but here we are! haha

    It’s one of those ‘oh it’s never happened to me, so I must just be stronger than that person’ when really, every situation is different. Like assuming that anyone who is an alcoholic is inherently bad b/c they don’t drink themselves or have addictive tendencies. It’s just another version of parent shaming in my mind…

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