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  1. Oh gosh yes, I vaguely remember reading that one when it came out. I think I liked it, but found it a bit long. he has a new one coming this year I believe…

  2. I don’t know why some people really dislike magical realism, but I love when it is used subtly. If the writer includes just a moment in the text that couldn’t happen in real life, it feels like a fun secret. Some writes use so much magical realism that the book almost doesn’t feel realistic at all anymore, such as the novel Like Water for Chocolate. I still enjoyed it, though!

  3. Hmm yah I know what you mean-haven’t read Water for Chocolate! Although I love a book with chocolate in the title…

  4. It is SO funny. The magical realism is used to show the main character’s feelings in an external way, and she hates her sister for stealing her boyfriend, so humor ensues.

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